XYcolo Sex Dolls

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There are 3 types of silicone for XYcolo dolls.

  • Platinum Silicone (PS) is soft similar to TPE but lack of details and the makeup is not long lasting. They are soft and no add-in softness options are available. This type of silicone is the most affordable one within XYcolo collection. 
  • Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) has 10 skin layers to reproduce human lifelike skin traits and it is the most luxury collection within all XYcolo dolls.  They are the softest type and no add-in softness options are available.
  • Organic Silicone (OS) is the lightest and has a good body finishings. They are the least soft type. Add-in softness options can be chosen to enhance the softness level. 

For heads: Only Platinum Silicone (PS) and Organic Silicone (OS) are available. You can choose in the option to make the OS head extra softer. 

For bodies: Platinum Silicone (PS), Organic Silicone (OS) and Organic Silicone PRO (OSP)

Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) body layers

Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) has 10 layers as human to reproduce the lifelike human skin traites such as pores, veins and skin textures.

Aluminium Skeleton 

  Aluminium skeleton is the default skeleton configuration for Organic Silicone (OS) and Organic Silicone Pro (OSP) bodies. Steel skeleton with wired fingers is the default skeleton configuration for Platinum Silicone (PS) bodies. It can be upgraded to Aluminium skeleton in the option.

Aluminium skeleton has articulated finger joints except for the little fingers are wired.

Loose Joint Detail 



Head Softness Comparison



Platinum Silicone Soft Test



Organic Silicone Soft Test

Organic Silicone Pro Body Softness

Hinge Fingers



Wire Fingers

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