What Kind of Sex Realistic Doll Suits Me?

When purchasing real dolls, I suggest the following perspectives:

  1. Appearance

Because our sex dolls are real people, one-to-one inverted mold, using the highest medical grade silica gel and completely imitating the production and processing of real people's skin, when purchasing sex dolls, you can screen according to the face shape we currently provide to get your favorite real sex doll. We provide a large number of face types for you to choose, including American, European, Asian, Latin and other face types. Click here to choose according to your preferences.

  1. Body Type

Most of the time, we are attracted not only by girls' faces, but also by their different shapes. According to data analysis, we have obtained several most popular shapes in the world. 

  1. Sex Doll's Body Composition Material

At present, we mainly use two main raw materials to produce female sex dolls, mainly TPE and silica gel. The difference between these two materials can be understood by clicking here. If you already know the difference between the two materials, you can click here to choose your favorite doll.If your do not know you can click here to know more about material.

  1. Are You a New Real Doll Sex Lover?

Each doll has its own characteristics, and most of our doll lovers are first exposed to such a product. For such lovers, I suggest dividing doll lovers into several stages.

(1) If you are buying hot sex dolls for the first time, it is recommended that you learn more about these products, which will be more convenient in terms of price and later maintenance. The price is also more advantageous. Click here to learn more.

(2) If you have used other real sex dolls and want to buy new dolls, we recommend these dolls. These products are of higher quality and the details are the best. Click here to learn more.

(3) If you are a veteran silicone sex doll lover and already have multiple real sex dolls, we suggest you check these dolls.Click there to learn more.