Most Realistic Sex Dolls From Starpery Sex Dolls

starpery sex doll

About Starpery Sex Dolls

Starpery are a relatively new sex doll brand, producing both Silicone and TPE dolls. They specialise in ultimate realism sex dolls in both materials. Starpery have invented TPE 3.0 which is the material that allows them to create such realistic skin. They also now make full silicone dolls which can also have realistic skin painting too. All Starpery Tech Dolls purchased from DYDOLL have the Realism Skin as standard included in the price.

blonde sex doll
starpery sex doll
afforable sex doll
starpery doll
redhead sex doll

Upgraded Gear Skeleton Of Starpery Sex Doll

According to customer feedbacks and our development needs, we recently upgraded the doll skeleton, this new Gear Skeleton is a bit expensive than last version, but we won't charge any fees for this, no worry. Now let's have a look at the features of this new skeleton.

torse sex doll
starpery doll

Head Softness Test