Dydoll Brand Story

Dylan.Andres (Dy) is taken from the name of its founder. He was born in May 1972 in a small town northeast of Polpero. Dylan.Andres is the second child in the family, with a total of six brothers and sisters. His father and mother are seafarers who operate fishing boats all year round. Their kind grandparents run a 300 square meter grocery store at the junction of the road and the town and are responsible for taking care of their brothers and sisters, which has always been the main source of supporting their family life. The Lord spent his carefree childhood and adolescence under the care of his grandparents.


Later, Dylan was admitted to a famous university in other province to study his favorite material major. During the University, he also took art sculpture and sports. That was his favorite days in his youth. He lived a full life and made good achievements in his studies. Later, he successfully obtained his graduation certificate and was recommended by the university to continue his master's degree in materials science. His remarkable achievements made every member of the family proud of him, including his grandparents who took care of him from childhood. 

But joy is always accompanied by sadness. This is life.  His grandfather died because of his old age. That was his beloved grandfather, his grandmother who took care of him to eat and dress since childhood, and his dependence from childhood. However, during the years when he went out to study, his companionship to his grandmother became less and less with the advancement of his research. He felt very sad and guilty in his heart.

Four years later, when he finally got his doctorate in materials science from The University of Nottingham, he still didn't forget his grandfather. His kind face can only be seen in the photos of his parents' old house, so he made up his mind to do something. He wanted his grandfather to return to them again. This idea was unanimously agreed by the family members.

He wanted to use his professional knowledge of materials learned in college to recreate the image of his grandmother. He thought of all the materials he had studied, hard wax, sculpture plastic mud, plastic, foam, composite plastic, silica gel, modified TPE, 70 times of combination and experiment, which took more than 100 days. In the end, she initially selected silica gel and TPE as the suitable materials.


At this time, the material he selected was either too soft, too hard, or difficult to shape. It was far from the result he wanted. He continued to improve and finally made a condensable platinum silica gel. This process had taken him more than half a year, but he still insisted.

After the success of the material, the next step is how to make the desired shape. He thought of his friend Jimmy, who has always focused on sculpture art. With Jimmy's suggestion, they sculpted and made the outer mold, combined with the platinum silica gel he developed, and finally completed the recovery of grandfather for the first time before Christmas 10 months later, Of course, in the process, many friends provided detailed suggestions, realistic hair, wrinkle treatment, and the choice of rotatable eyes, which are indispensable help in the process of recovering her grandfather.

The family members were very satisfied with the result, and grandmaexclaimed that the people who accompanied her all her life had returned.Of course, the news that he succeeded in reproducing his grandfather was learned by his classmate who always wanted to give full play to his material science skills in the business field. He found out that he wanted to make more good reproductions in this field and hoped to help more people. After discussing this, they are ready to set up their first reproduction studio near the materials research institute. The initial content is very simple, that is, to help people who have lost relatives to reproduce those who have left their relatives, or to make some human specimens, so as to provide them to the medical college for research and explanation. In this process, the materials have been improved, and the skeleton supporting the replica body has been updated for three generations. From the four joints can move, it is slowly updated to the latest generation, and the joints of fingers can be simulated.

Later, one day, the partner in charge of business promotion participated in the single population development seminar held by a public welfare organization. The seminar was mainly to study the impact of more and more single people in society on economic, social development and community stability. One of them was that the single population's willingness to communicate with others decreased, resulting in a decrease in the activity of hot meetings; Moreover, in areas with loose laws and poor employment, it is easy to cause Gang conflict and increase the crime rate. They want to help solve this social problem and contribute their own strength while doing scientific research.

This is the source of this part of the business we see today. They started the production of simulation dolls, mainly for the daily companionship of single people, social phobia people and some physically disabled people, so that they no longer feel lonely and bored. With the automatic heating technology, the large-scale use of TPE materials and the implantation of audible technology, The research and development of the next bar can also make the dummy become the sexual partner of some people. This is the sexual doll you see.

These businesses are becoming more and more important with the development of today's society, and the market share is also gradually increasing. From the initial studio production to the demand for customized quantity, the company later established its own 5000 square meter professional production factory, from sculpture, mold inversion, glue filling, molding, finishing, hair planting and makeup, All have their own production lines and industrial chains to ensure quality and customer response speed.

 Up to now, our simulation dolls, sex dolls, educational human bodies and stereotyped models have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions all over the world. They are continuously delivered to customers by air transportation, including US $30 million / year in North America, 45 million euros in Europe and US $21 million / year in Southeast Asia, We have developed a random combination of more than 400 head types and more than 600 bodies, which has been highly praised by 98% of our customers.

Business Partner

Our technology R & D team of more than 240 people and production team of 300 people are still improving and developing more new products. In the future, we want to make our simulation dolls gradually move towards artificial intelligence dolls and realize the link and switching between the meta universe and the real world; Let's use our simulated arm to help people who lose their arm accidentally and realize the link of nerve level; Let's use our simulated legs to help the disabled who lost their legs in the war stand up and walk freely again. Our dream is to make the imitation no longer an imitation, but the real choice of our body parts, which can be perfectly integrated with us.

Finally, I want to say that this is not only our dream, but also the dream of science and technology. Let's work together for a better community and a better home. Every purchase and praise you make today brings us closer to this great dream



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