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DYDOLL is a professional online sex doll sales website. We only sell the best sex dolls in the world. Our brands include [EXDOLL-the best silicone sex doll brand] and [WMDOLL-the best TPE sex doll brand].


  • Professional Customer Service

    If you have any questions about the doll, please contact us via email, and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Our email is dydollservice@outlook.com

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    We provide private shipment and global logistics transportation. All sex dolls are free of freight. If you have other logistics problems, please contact us.

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    Before purchasing, please contact us. We will help you apply for discounts and help you get the most cost-effective sex doll.

  • Custom Exclusive Sex Dolls for You

    We encourage our customers to customize exclusive sex dolls to help doll lovers get the best dolls in their minds.





  • Multiple Head and Body Options

    WMDOLL has more than 200 head types and bodies. No matter what kind of women you like, you can find them.

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  • Softest Body

    WMDOLL designs and produces the softest TPE doll. If you want to have a perfect sexual experience, WMDOLL must be your best choice. You can do anything with WMDOLL. She can do pussy sex, anal sex ,and even blowjob for you.

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  • Rapid Production

    WMDOLL has the largest factory in the world, which can produce more than 200 dolls every day. You will receive your dolls within 15 days at the earliest. At the same time, we also have our own warehouse in the United States. We will place the popular dolls in the warehouse in advance. If you want to receive the dolls within a week, please contact us. For U.S. customers only. Our address is dydollservice@outlook.com

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  • Most Affordable Sex Dolls

    At present, WMDOLL's product price is generally between 1000 and 2000 dollars, which is the best sex doll you can buy at the same price. WMDOLL supports customization and meets all customer needs. WMDOLL sex dolls can be used for more than 5 years. If you want a cost-effective sex doll, WMDOLL must be the best choice.

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  • Most Advanced Production Technology

    WMDOLL has a history of more than 10 years. They continuously improve the quality of their products and develop the latest technologies, including Real Ore Sex (ROS), Ball Joined Hand Skeleton, Breathing Feature

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  • Latest Upgraded Silicone Material

    EXDOLL invests a lot of money in developing new materials every year. That's why their doll is not only the most beautiful doll in the world, but also the doll that best meets your sexual needs.

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  • Most Lifelike Sex Doll Brand

    All the body data of EXDOLL's sex dolls are obtained through high-tech scanning of the human body. If you want to have the best sex doll in the world, EXDOLL is your best choice.

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  • Perfect Details

    EXDOLL has been aiming to become the most authentic sex doll brand in the world since its inception in 2009, with over 20 designers and over 30 makeup artists, ensuring that every detail of each doll is perfect.

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  • Best Quality Sex Doll Brand

    EXDOLL is currently considered the best quality sex doll in the world. According to a loyal fan of EXDOLL, he once purchased EXDOLL 10 years ago, and the doll's appearance has not changed at present.

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  • World-class Factory

    EXDOLL has the best factory in the world. Their factory makes you feel like you're in the Westworld. Their factory is the cleanest in the world you can imagine. Such a production workshop is enough to assure you of the quality of their sex dolls

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This was my first time ordering a doll. The support team was there for me every step of the way, answering all the burning questions that came up. They were quick to respond and make adjustments to my order on the fly
Flexible layaway payment, enabling me to make use of their christmas discount included. No hidden fees either. Everything was iRead more about review stating Outstanding!

ncluded in the purchase price, just as stated in their faq section. The website itself features a clean design with lots of categories and filters to easily find everything you want to take a look at. The only minor gripe I've had was that some of the pictures weren't the correct ones - which, after sending feedback, was swiftly resolved.

Thanks, DY DOLL Team!
I will be looking forward to my next order from you guys!

Ricky F.Verified Buyer

Amazing, beautiful, and perfect

Worth every penny, quality is second to none, authentic, legit, reliable, and absolutely amazing. Customer service was just as amazing as the doll. Absolutely will be buying more dolls in the future.

Gregor L.Verified Buyer

DYDOLL is simply the best

If you’re wondering whether or not DYDOLL is legit I hope this review puts your mind at ease. I bought my wife a new head for our doll, a WM #55 head and everything went so smoothly and the head arrived quickly with UPS.

Carlos S.Verified Buyer

Excellent seller.

Excellent seller.Buying a sexdoll can be nerve racking and I've tried several different sellers. DYDOLL is by far the most accommodating and helpful. Also in my experience had the fastest response time and best customer service.

Adrian H.Verified Buyer

Absolutely stunning.

Packaged immaculately, came with a bunch if extra stuff, and expertly crafted. Love the purchase. Will be loving her and more for quite a long time, thanks to the instruction manual.

Mark F.Verified Buyer

Very Happy

She was well packaged, quality of the doll is very good she is beautiful. She is HEAVY, so make sure you can manipulatr 112lbs on your bed. I will definately buy another doll from DYDOLL in the furture. A+

Greg R.Verified Buyer

Wonderful, Excellent Doll.

I have to compliment the level of quality and service. For me, the Doll is an erotic art piece and I'm into dressing and posing it. The DY DOLL Team kept me informed and the order arrived exactly as specified. Very impressive build 👏🏿 I will certainly come back to DY DOLL when it's time to try a silicone model.

Robert E.Verified Buyer

Custom colored Devil Girl

My Devil girl is lovely and came out better than I had expected. There was no extra fee for the custom skin color, and the team was very good at communicating with me to get the details just right.

Ben M.Verified Buyer

Absolutely love my doll!

Absolutely love my doll! It was delivered quickly and looks exactly like the pictures on the website. This is my second doll that I’ve bought from RoseMary Doll and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase! Can’t wait to by another one..

Richard S.Verified Buyer

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