What else can a doll do besides sex?

What else can a doll do besides sex?

The doll is a very popular product today, not only online, but also in many offline physical stores. At first, she was really created to meet the sexual needs of some people. But now that the doll has been out for 100 years, can we still just take her as a sex doll and simply piston her? If you still think so, I think you are wrong. What else can she do when she's bought home?

Let's first understand to what extent the technology of conventional simulation dolls has reached. Now common good simulation dolls are made of top-level Silicone material and TPE materials. These materials can be very soft after molding and feel like real people. They can have blood vessels, goose bumps and textures. Silicone dolls can also be directly planted on the scalp. There are replaceable and rotatable eyeballs and an internal safety heating system that can be heated, so that the doll's body is not cold. The skeleton made of food grade stainless steel, It can achieve bending as small as finger joints. This is the basic technical level of most good simulation dolls.

Can't such a doll have other functions besides having sex with her and being a good sex doll?

No, yes, I'll tell you today.

  1. Artistic creation 

At present, many artists need to create graphic works based on real action, but not every artist can afford the cost of real models, so simulation dolls are a better choice. They will buy their favorite simulation dolls, set up shapes for the simulation dolls in their own studio, take photos with green background, and then create and render in front of the computer, and match different clothes, Scene and background. This has increasingly become the choice of many young artists.

  1. Photography

Photography is a hobby that many people like, and it is also a good way for many busy people to decompress in their spare time. Especially for those photographers who like to shoot portrait works, they need others to cooperate to become her model anytime and anywhere, including shooting outdoors. Those models that are more beautiful than others, but indispensable models are their simple problem to solve. Simulation dolls can be well replaced. Those lightweight simulation dolls are the favorite of photographers. They are very convenient to move and can be in the back of your car, Follow you anywhere. She can cooperate with you when you want to take photos, or make different shapes. I think it's a good idea.

  1. cosplay

Cosplay is a very popular trend in recent years. There are different grand events, large-scale offline gatherings and online displays. Some people like to play their own roles, and some people make different Cosplay clothes, especially those for offline and online displays and competitions. Good costumes and good models are indispensable. At this time, if you can't show Cosplay clothes in person, you need a really good-looking real puppet to replace you, Can you customize her body line, hair color, eye color, her height and her weight? She will be your unique, Best and perfect Cosplay model.

  1. Jewelry model

Colored gemstones have always been the favorite of nobles. Those precious jewels often have to be toured and auctioned around the world to find their real owners, but senior real-life models may cost them a lot of money, not only transportation, accommodation and catering expenses, but also pay their high wages, and they can't keep a perfect display posture all morning or all day, If you have an advanced customized TPE simulation doll, you can carry them around the world for tour display. They don't need to be passengers by plane, buy air tickets, separate rooms, eat and drink coffee, and they won't know the hard work. They will only work according to your requirements and can remain motionless.


If you have a good doll, if you want her to play a more full role, please don't just lock her in your bedroom or in the bedroom cabinet, and don't put her under the bed. Please let her out of your room and help you do more, because she can really do a lot.

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