Some Suggestions on Choosing SEX DOLLS

Some Suggestions on Choosing SEX DOLLS

Before buying SEX DOLL, I hope you can understand some basic questions about REAL SEX DOLLS.

Most of the questions we receive about Most Realistic Sex Doll are about sex and are they real.

Many people want to know whether our ANIME SEX DOLL and JAPANESE SEX DOLL can be used for sex, oral sex and anal sex.

I can definitely tell you that you can have sex with your REAL DOLL but the SEX DOLLS must not be just a sex tool.

If you want to use sex toys to meet your sexual needs, perhaps a POCKET PUSSY or a simple SEX TORSO can meet your requirements instead of a FULL SIZE SEX DOLL.

But why are more people willing to spend thousands of dollars to get a SEX ROBOT.

First of all, every high-end sexdoll should meet several technical requirements.

  1. Fully imitate the body proportion of a real person. When the REAL SEX DOLL in front of you, it's hard to tell whether he's a doll or a real person.
  2. Absolutely soft. The REALISTIC LOV DOLL industry has a development history of more than 20 years. The appearance and touch of SEX DOLLS are the same as those of real people.
  3. Because sometimes we have sex with our real dolls, the raw materials of dolls must be medical standards. The absolute high quality of raw materials determines the price of sex dolls and the people who buy REAL LOVE DOLLS.

I don't recommend buying sex dolls below $1000 on the market. Because their sexdoll with really bad quality. If you really have a limited budget, I suggest you choose a good POCKEY PUSSY.

It can be understood that the current big REALISTIC SEX DOLL brands are fully capable of satisfying all your fantasies about the human body while using the best product materials and the strongest human imitation technology.

After understanding these characteristics of BEST SEX DOLL, I believe you have learned that SILICONE SEX DOLLS  are definitely not an ordinary masturbation tool. SEXDOLL is more like a collection or art, and sex is just an additional function.

When it comes to SILICONE SEX DOLL, many people's first reaction is adult products. They also think playing with SEX DOLLS is strange and even disgusting.

Many people are curious SEX DOLL TORSO at the beginning, but they accidentally find that there are deeper social diseases behind SILICONE SEX DOLLS. Emotions that have nowhere to be placed may be more than physical needs.

MOST REALISTIC SEX DOLLS are endowed with personas by this group of players, with names, social networking, and even being held in the palm of their hand. A veteran player said:

"If there is a fire, your SEXDOLLS can only save one. What should I do?"


"This question is too cruel. I will choose to be burned with the LOVE DOLLS."

Can SILICONE SEX DOLLS with increasingly simulated appearance and touch really accompany humans.

"People are not perfect. Everyone's imaginary other half is higher than life, and BEST SEX DOLL is the symbol of perfect body."

At present, the production of all LIFE SIZE SEX DOLL has to go through several processes. From several metal skeletons to main foam filling, it takes one day and one night to solidify silica gel. The final finalization takes 6 to 8 hours and is carried out in the evening.

General staff come to work in the morning, open the mold, and you can see a live LOVE DOLL.

The finished SEX ROBOT weighs from 22 to 60 kilograms and is 147 to 178 centimeters tall.

Most SEX DOLLS are customized because they represent the beautiful imagination of different users about their partner.

To make REAL DOLL face and figure beautiful is only the basic need. There are different chest shapes, pupil colors, and whether you need to install lower body hair.

In addition to appearance, the doll also has character. From the office girl to the neighbor's sister, the name and character will match the LOVE DOLLS.

The only thing SEX DOLLS have in common is that they have no axillary hair, of course, no pores and scars. The feet are also generally small and pink.

For the factory, the initial business is to see everyone's demand for a beautiful love partner.

However, it was gradually found that the silicone sex doll, which originally mainly undertakes sexual functions, does not exist only as a sexual product.

More people choose SEX DOLLS as a way of life. People can dress up their dolls, try on beautiful clothes and make up for them, so that they can become the most beautiful people in your mind.

DYDOLL only produces and sells the best quality sex dolls in the world. All our products only support customization. We can meet the global delivery, and we can ship our products to almost any corner of the world. If you pursue the most beautiful thing in the world, welcome to join us. We can help you make any sex doll you want. You heard me right. I mean any face, any skin, any body. Including your favorite stars and the people you want to see most. Welcome to contact our custom service email AT  .

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